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How does this color his world and where his focus is?

Dramatis Personae

Is the persona healthy? If not, what type of health issues does he have and how do they effect his life? What type of diet does he follow? Does he have any food restrictions?

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Does he exercise on a regular basis? If so what does he do and where does he do it? What does the character believe with regard to politics, religion and other major issues?

Dramatis Personae

What are his hot buttons? What gets him worked up? What are the his life goals?

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What role does family play in his life? Consider spouse, children, parents, friends, boss, co-workers and social media connections. Are these influencers involved in his buying decisions? Who is the ultimate decision maker? What type of products does he buy? For whom, does he buy stuff? Roughly how much does he spend on a monthly or annual basis? Does he buy things for show or for long term value?

What information does he seek on a regular basis? What media channels does he use? Include television, radio, magazines, newspaper and online. What information does he seek before, during and after making a purchase? Is he a lurker, commenter or creator on social media? How much time does he spend on social media either daily or weekly?

Were past purchases influenced by social media? Do they share purchases on social media?

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Does he use a smartphone? Does he have one for work and one for personal use? What other devices does he use? Specifically does he use a computer or PC , tablet, gaming system, e-reader? What type of devices does he use in his car if he has one? What else would you include in your persona? Happy Marketing, Heidi Cohen This is not an affiliate offer.

Personae | Faber & Faber

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  5. Articles Feed. References in classic literature? But in spite of the dramatic rudeness which is sometimes of the idiosyncrasy, the true and native colour of his multitudinous dramatis personae , or monologists, Mr. View in context.

    Jo accepted it with a smile, for she had never outgrown her liking for lads, and soon found herself involved in the usual labyrinth of love, mystery, and murder, for the story belonged to that class of light literature in which the passions have a holiday, and when the author's invention fails, a grand catastrophe clears the stage of one half the dramatis personae , leaving the other half to exult over their downfall. Pangloss for himself; and very earnestly, but very unsuccessfully, trying to persuade the others that there were some fine tragic parts in the rest of the dramatis personae.

    We have made our readers acquainted with some variety in character and nations, in introducing the most important personages of this legend to their notice; but, in order to establish the fidelity of our narrative, we shall briefly attempt to explain the reason why we have been obliged to present so motley a dramatis personae. Destiny stands by sarcastic with our dramatis personae folded in her hand.