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  1. A Short Walk from Harrods: A Memoir
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  3. A Short Walk from Harrods Audiobook | Dirk Bogarde |

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First published in , this is volume six of Dirk Bogarde's best-selling memoirs. Forced into returning to London because of his manager and his partner's rapidly deteriorating health, Bogarde must re-adapt to life in the West London neighbourhoods that groomed him as an aspiring young actor. But with his fame fading and his descent into old age, the entire process becomes rather difficult to endure. Although this memoir finds Bogarde at his most vulnerable, he retains the lucidity and charm that makes his writing so enjoyable.

As ever, he expresses a deep sentimentality that ensures no detail goes unnoticed or unfelt. Passar bra ihop. Great Meadow Dirk Bogarde. Snakes and Ladders Dirk Bogarde. Dirk writes beautifully and his delivery is faultless. His beautiful "cut glass" English accent and the warm tones of his fluent French are a joy to hear.

A Short Walk from Harrods: A Memoir

The book focusses upon his 20 plus years living an idyllic life in the south of France, his disdain for fame and its trappings and the touching illness and eventual death of his long term companion. I found the book to be transporting, funny and very moving. My only slight criticism is the way the book tends to jump about a bit, but I enjoyed every second of it and I wasn't ready for it the book to end. This is the last of I think seven volumes of autobiography, written by the late Dirk Bogarde and this edition, narrated by the author, is a sweetly nostalgic account of his years in Provence at Le Pigonnier, where he lived with his partner or euphemistically named 'manager' Tony Forewood, before illness and infirmity forced their return to England.

Bogarde's presence as an actor was always commanding and his beautiful voice makes this a very enjoyable and satisfying listen. His writing is precise and atmospheric and the descriptions of the Provencal countryside and the characters who live there are delightful. The deep love he felt for 'Tote' is made delicately but deeply obvious and the account of the death of his partner from cancer is handled with great sensitivity. I was totally captivated by this book and will listen to it many times with pleasure.

I'm only sorry that DB only seems to have made one recording, but I do recommend you read the other volumes in print. They chronicle an extraordinary life, a distinguished acting career and a gentler time with outstanding literary talent and astonishing artistry.

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If you buy any of Dirk Bogarde's books, it has to be the one! Easily the best audio book I've listened to. So poignant. Sad, joyful,loving, occasionally funny and definitely moving. Written and read by the author so every subtle nuance is captured by the actors voice. His character studios are brilliant. He brings the hills and characters of Provence and the streets of london lovingly to life. Treat yourself.

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This is probably the best audio book that I have ever listened to. It is very funny in some parts, and incredibly sad in others, if you like Provence it is a must have.

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  • A Short Walk From Harrods.

Bogarde takes the listener right into the hills behind Cannes, you can almost feel the heat! He paints a picture of the region that will stay with you forever. I won't spoil the experience by telling you more, but I strongly recommend it. Absorbing, and so visual, read with the author's beautiful voice, I completely loved this book.

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I've read every book by Dirk Bogarde, and have a few of the original edited cassette tapes of him reading, but hearing this unedited version of arguably his best memoir is an absolute pleasure. Highly recommended.

A Short Walk from Harrods Audiobook | Dirk Bogarde |

Interesting and addictive a real insight to his private life… how the other half lives. If you could sum up A Short Walk from Harrods in three words, what would they be? Absolutely held me. What other book might you compare A Short Walk from Harrods to, and why? Great Meadow by Dirk Bogarde.

Dirk's performance was, as usual, outstanding. If you made a film of this book, what would be the tag line be? Experience the idyllic, sunshine, lifestyle of Dirk Bogarde and his close friend in the South of France, meet the many famous film stars, producers and directors, and then 20 years later, the sadness, and harsh reality of returning to a grey looking London with his dying friend in order to get him into hospital and to find a suitable place for them to live.

Any additional comments? Dirk Bogarde had a wonderful knack of getting you right there; it's as though you personally were part of his story I vaguely knew who Dirk Bogarde, as an actor. Didn't know he could write let alone write well. It was the reviews that drew me to listen to the book. Plus I thought if I don't like it I will return it and it won't cost anything.

What a surprise and delight this book turned out to be.